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The status of art in Dubai

Dubai with its contemporary buildings and cosmopolitan air is a high tech emirate and a few people associate this image with art. Dubai is home to various widely acclaimed artists with most of them often having the possibility of going to galleries and shows. One can actually feel an artistic air in the entire area from the incredible skyscrapers designed by some of the outstanding architects in the world, to the interesting film and music festivals, Dubai itself has been termed as a work of art very often.

Many galleries are in operation so as to promote art in Dubai with frequent openings. One of them is Carbon12 Dubai, which is an internationally recognized gallery established in 2008. It was the first gallery in the region to initiate a comprehensive, firmly global program of institution-grade artists.

Also, the exhibitions on Alserkal Avenue District are very famous being featured in different regional and international art magazines. Another key Art Fair is Art Dubai, located in Madinat Jumeirah, hosting galleries from more than 30 countries. It is known to be the most important Art Fair in the Middle East. The SIKKA Art Fair in traditional Dubai, Al Bastakiya area established in 2011 is also a recognized event that aims to promote young, and establishing contemporary artists. Another place of interest for art and culture enthusiasts is Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde that represents some of the paramount regional artists.

Thousands of foreigners who either stay in or visit Dubai regularly for it being a popular tourist attraction and transit hub are also the audience for the above mentioned galleries. These are the people interested in following the evolution of the local art scene. Furthermore, as the emirate places a bigger emphasis on its global artistic status, there is considerable online promotion of these events too. Dubai has always envision itself as a world leader in creativity, innovation and online connectivity, hence those who cannot get to Dubai (especially in the current pandemic situation) to see the galleries can see an art gallery online and appreciate the works and even order everything online.

Many online platforms are providing impeccable art and painting training in the region. You can now learn to paint through several different paint materials and online courses via internet. You may enroll in any online painting forum and start sketching your beginner paintings now.