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When it comes to cleaning that many people who are working outside to earn, will want to get other people who will clean their house for them because they do not get time to clean and also they will not have the energy to clean the house when they come to the house after working endlessly in their working place. You need to make sure that you will get good people. Many people will get the cleaners for some specific thing like carpets and for sofa cleaning Dubai marina. These people will have to look for these specific people because normal Marina maids do not have the expertise to clean them and they will ruin the cloth of your sofa. You will have to then change the cloth entirely and it will be a costly thing so it is better to be safe and get good and expert people for that reason. For cleaning different things in your house you have to get different kinds of cleaners and some of them are written below for your ease and convenience:

All-purpose cleaner: These are the cleaners which you can use on almost any surface but they are very light in their working and sometimes they do not give you required results when you use them on a particular surface. They are very light so you can use them on a daily basis but to avoid getting in contact with them directly you need to use gloves and be careful while using. If you are asking your maids to use them then make sure that they are doing the same thing and properly following the instructions written on the cleaner’s bottle.

Glass cleaner: Glass is a very fragile item and also it will get a lot of scratches when you do not handle them carefully. These scratches will look so bad and if it is the glass of a window or a complete window wall then you will not be able to replace those things every now and then so it is better to care for them and use good products for cleaning. If you do not clean them they will look clumsy and the entire space will look dirty so you need to use only glass cleaners for cleaning the glass in your house and use them for mirror cleaning too.