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4 reasons why there should be dance classes in schools

Schools and teachers are not tasked to improve their linguistic skills and mathematics. They are responsible to provide the ground to learn to live happily and peacefully by using their skills and connections. Therefore, teachers should teach them about financial education, digital education, sex education and dance. 

Dance is not a synonym of moving body and legs gracefully. It is a complete field. Therefore, there are classes of salsa dance in Dubai and other parts of the world. There are many advantages of introducing dance classes in classes. The top four advantages are:

Improve Memory:
Although Maths and English improve the lingual and numerical side of the brain, humans need to learn to concentrate on other things as well. They have to learn to be empathetic and feel confident. Dance rewires the brains and improves their concentration and memory. After all, you have to memorize dance steps and body movements. Therefore, it will boost the brain and intelligence of children if teachers would start teaching dance in schools for 30 to 40 minutes every day or once in a week. 

Improve Attendance:
Majority of the children do not like to come to school and have lectures on Maths and sciences. They find the lessons on fractions and friction boring and not practical. Introducing dance classes in school can motivate them to attend school. It would be an incentive for them to come to school, attend boring classes and have some fun time in dance classes. Teachers can arrange the session of dance class every-day to motivate them to come daily or once to make the class super-duper incentive like. 

Students are active naturally. They want to learn something which they could enjoy or use in their practical lives. That’s the reason you would see them imitating their parents and adults. Teaching them dance would help them to use their energy positively. It will help them to learn a skill which they can use to entertain their friends by taking part in concerts or when they are playing games. 

Improve social skills:
Students have to dance in either groups or couples to learn steps and movements. This will give them ground to talk to other students to convey their message or to ask them about steps and that’s how they learn to be friends with other students. It will increase their social skills and help them to learn socialization without making any effort.

So, these are the top four advantages of bringing dance in school. Teachers can plan a visit to a dance studio in Dubai once to encourage them to learn dance and bind their interest.