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4 ways to keep personal storage units clean and organized

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4 ways to keep personal storage units clean and organized

There are several ways to keep personal storage in Dubai clean and organized. Regularly dust and wipe surfaces to prevent mildew, and bring cleaning supplies inside the unit. This will save you the trouble of carrying them from home. You may also want to keep an insect repellent inside the unit for the insects you might encounter. There are some ways to keep personal storage units clean and organized. These are the most basic methods for maintaining the cleanliness of your storage units.


By rotating personal storage units, you can reduce the clutter in your unit. If you’re storing items that may pose a safety risk, such as sharp knives, but those in the front of the unit. Stack them in well-labelled boxes and rotate your collection every few months. It also helps to rotate collections every few years. This helps keep your unit neat. Also, you can store out-of-season sporting gear in these units—stack garden tools, too, in garbage bins.


When renting a storage unit, the first thing you should do is dust it. Dusting your unit is a good way to ensure that your items are in good condition. If you can, keep the units open to allow fresh air in. Opening storage units also help remove dust and other odors. It would help if you also considered removing any food that might attract insects. Although sealed units will protect items from pests, they are not impenetrable.

Plastic containers:

Aside from making storage easier, plastic containers also make them more secure. The materials used for plastic containers are easy to clean and do not easily tear, even if you load them up with heavy items. Plastic containers also don’t attract termites. In addition, they can protect items made of paper. To make cleaning easier, wipe off plastic containers before sealing them and placing items inside. This will prevent dust and dirt from sticking to your items.


Having a good organization plan is crucial for keeping your storage unit organized. Before moving in, draw a map of the space where your items are stored. This way, you can reference the space if you have to find something. Likewise, group similar items together to make it easier to find them. Having sections for different items makes it easier to locate items quickly. Here are some ideas for organizing your storage unit.