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It is very necessary to consider thorough lifting gear inspection because it is the one that will be doing most of the work for you on the construction site and if you can’t make it work out then you will be putting a lot of people’s life into jeopardy on the construction site.

For someone who has ISO certification Dubai would understand the importance and make it work. Here are a few basics of inspections to run you through and make you realize the importance of them:

  • The equipment should be examined right before its first use regardless of its assembling place being on site or off site. It becomes even more important if it is on site to be inspected by a competent person to make sure it is ready to be used. The installation and lifting matters a lot in such cases.
  • As mentioned above, if the equipment is being assembled on site then the assembling procedure should be kept in check after the installation and assembling, it should be thoroughly checked before its first use.
  • There are many such equipment which are exposed to harmful deterioration conditions regularly which can surely prove to be harmful and dangerous for the equipment and its users. There is also a great chance of regular wear and tear which if not inspected on time can result in some serious danger. This is why we recommend regular inspections that can be weekly or monthly or even daily depending on the condition.
  • If inspections are not carried out on their suggested times then there is a huge risk that the working crew is taking upon themselves. The damage or failure of such equipment can be one of the primary sources of danger that people must run into.
  • Inspection is also necessary when major changes are made to the equipment such as modification, replacement or repair which can require some kind of lookout. These changes can often be under trial basis which is why a keen eye on it is very necessary.

There are of course many different types of examinations and inspections which can range from visual inspection and fundamental checks to trial of the equipment and inspections for wear and tear – all depending on the kind of services which you have opt for and are needed for the specified task and equipment.