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Debunking myths for iced sparkle water

Many Emiratis have switched to sparkling water as a healthier alternative to sugary carbonated beverages in order to break the habit of drinking them. Sparkling mineral water is water that has been obtained from a spring and contains minerals that occur naturally. The mineral water is then filled with carbon dioxide to produce the fizzy, bubbling effect.

Although it has yet to overtake soft drink sales, its increasing success has ignited a lot of discussion. Some are true, while others are wrong, so who can we trust?

We’ve debunked three of the most popular sparkling water myths for you!

Bone issues are not caused by sparkling water.

Cola-flavored soft drink drinkers have been shown to suffer from bone mineral density loss on a weekly basis. The high levels of caffeine and phosphoric acid in these beverages, however, are believed to be the cause of the health danger. Fortunately for proponents of sparkling water, it does not contain any of these.

It has the potential to cause stomach ulcers.

Although our bones may be solid, drinking so much sparkling mineral water may put our stomachs in jeopardy. The fizzing and bubbling of sparkling water continues after it has been removed from the bottle. This carbon dioxide-induced reaction continues within our stomachs, potentially resulting in an air build-up. Uncomfortable symptoms such as abdominal distension and bloating can occur if too much sparkling water is consumed. In the worst-case situation, the stomach produces too much acid, resulting in a peptic ulcer on the stomach lining.

Finally, is it as good for you as regular water?

Both yes and no! Although nothing can truly substitute water as a source of life, sparkling mineral water is thought to be just as hydrating as ordinary water. However, because of the negative effects of too much carbon dioxide in the stomach, it’s best to stick to the real thing for the most part! It is, without a doubt, a healthier alternative to sugary carbonated beverages.

That concludes the debunking of myths. Enjoy your favorite sparkling mineral water the next time you take a sip! Find out the most popular and best energy drink brands in UAE to know more about sparkling water and evaporated milk at prices that are simply unbeatable.