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Do you every think of having your lunch only consist of salads made out of fruits and vegetables? If not, then now is the time to think about it seriously because in this time of mechanical life where everyone just have to sit on the chair and work all day long. If you do not have much activity and eat too heavy meals especially in lunch or if you have a habit of taking junk food for lunch then you will get obesity very soon and then it will lead you towards different health complications. A better way to avoid this worse situation is to have healthy meals and you can also get the healthy lunch delivery Dubai without any problem. You can get their subscription for the entire month and they will provide you meals on time. You can also make your own salads or order salad Dubai to take in your lunch. If you want to make your own salads then here are a few recipes for you:

Watermelon, olive cheese salad: You may get it wrong while thinking about a fruit with cheese but when you take it in your lunch then you will get to know how amazing and delicious it tastes. Its recipe is really very simple and you should take this more in the hot summer days to get a refreshing effect. You have to take few pieces of watermelon, add some olives green or black according to your choice and then add feta cheese to it. You need to make it fresh because melon may leave water when cut for long time and it will change the taste of this salad. You can also add toasted seeds of pumpkin because they are very good for health; add a pinch of oink salt and black pepper for taste.

BBQ potato salad: This is an amazing salad to change the taste of your mouth from the regular raw vegetables. It will give you a good taste with the healthy meal option. You have to get a few potatoes which should be hard boiled and pealed. Then you can add your favorite BBQ sauce on top of it. Instead of boiling you can also bake them with added BBQ sauce to have a great taste of it. Add a little bit of onions, salt black pepper.