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One of the most important factors to successful fundraising is the enthusiasm level of your volunteers. If you just have a small group of people, then your fundraising efforts might not be a big hit. On the other hand, if you have a large group of people, your fundraising campaign can really rock. 

That’s why many school fundraisers tie in with a particular holiday. This is when everyone is busy preparing for the season or hosting a party or just trying to hang out with old friends. Here are the school fundraising ideas for American school in UAE that are guaranteed to spice up things a little bit and get your group excited about fundraising.

The cook-off fundraiser: Cook-offs are always fun, simple to coordinate, and usually have low overhead costs since most of the proceeds are given away by competing competitors. There are lots of tasty foods that make good cook-off fundraiser ideas: hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, cheese fries, popcorn, potato chips, doughnuts, etc. There’s also a lot of room for creativity with these types of fundraisers. Consider cooking a themed recipe, or planning an event around a popular theme like “maid of honor” or “lady of the mist” for your fundraiser.

Scent-selling soapbox fundraiser: Have your volunteers make a few homemade soaps and sell them at the end of each school year. This is a great way to raise money, but it can also be an exciting and memorable fundraiser since you can set up any number of different events to attract participants. You can have a “photo” booth, have contests, sell unique handouts like “Hands-on Fun with a Student Alum” or a soapbox relay race.

Why Scent-Selling and Soapbox is a Good Fundraising Idea:

  • The soapbox engage feature is a unique fundraising idea for best American schools in Dubai. Instead of just collecting money from individual students, the team creates a community-based fundraising campaign that includes:
  • camping out in a canoe battleship on the water 
  • playing games 
  • auctioning off the soap 

Camping out and playing games takes a lot of energy and supplies – two things that schools are very much limited in. So, the team decided to create a fundraiser that would allow them to raise energy and supplies at the same time, while allowing them to have fun during the entire process.