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They say rules are meant to be broken but there are rules that shouldn’t be broken because of these rules, you will be getting your bread and butter and a decent livelihood or at least get some respect in the neighborhood that you live. Let us say that you have a job at a multinational company and there is a rule that you must reach at time and if you keep breaking those rules, you will end up losing the job for good. And speaking of different and home situations like when mom used to tell us that do not enter that room and we did, we used to get scolded really bad. Check this site to know more about office exterior design company in Abu Dhabi. So, there are some reasons of rules and without rules, the world cannot operate at all. And if you have a career in interior designing or you are going to do the work of interior designing yourself, then you should view this post for a little more time, because here we have discussed about the rules of interior designing that are must;

  1. The rule is that you have to think of one thing in the room that must be the best looking thing and that because of that thing, the room should have a greater look. If you didn’t understand, then take this for an example, let us say that you have to decorate your drawing room and you have the budget to buy a normal looking sofas but you have to put them in a way that they look amazing, there is a trick to that get a piece of decoration that looks amazing and if you put it in the drawing room, the normal looking sofas will look amazing too.
  2. The second rule is not to get all the things of one shape. If you get a sofa that is round and all the other decors are round as well. but this will look very weird and it will become very boring with the passage of time and that is why you need to mix shapes. It is best that you get different things of different shapes and sizes as well and that will look very attractive and the guests will be amazed as well.