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Top alternatives of Cotton tailored suits

Although cotton is the first choice to make suits, there are many other fabrics which can make your attire chic and flawless. Scroll down to know the top six alternatives to cotton:

  1. Linen: Linen is a soft and lightweight fabric that is perfect to wear in summers when you have to stand under the scorching beam of the sun to attend weddings or gatherings. It will add delicacy in the suit with its softness and light fibres. You can choose versatile colours in linen to make the suit that would be unmatchable with others. 
  2. Wool: Soft and flurry wool make the tailored-suits perfect to wear in winters to attend gatherings and seminars. It keeps your body warms and provides insulation for cold breezes to keep the warmth of your body within you. There are different kinds of wool but Merino wool is the softest wool to prefer to make suits. Therefore, they are more expensive than other woollen suits. 
  3. Tweed: Tweed is the first choice of people who modern-styled tailored suits. The soft and flexible fibres of the fabric make the shirt look impeccable when worn with contrasting coloured jacket and bottom. Tweed is wool fabric technically. It is available in numerous colours and styles. You can select any colour and style to make the desired suit. 
  4. Polyester: Polyester is not the much-in-demand fabric to make suits because of not being soft and flurry. Yet, it is elastic and flexible due to which suits can be made by the best tailors in Dubai only. The minus-point of using polyester is that your tailors cannot make styles if they would use polyester. 
  5. Corduroy: If you want an element of uniqueness in your suit then ask your tailor to use Corduroy to make the suit. Its tufted cords and velvet-ness add some shine and glamour in the apparel that would make it more classic and must-wear.
  6. Blended fabrics: As the name suggests, some tailored-suits are a mixture of cotton and polyester or linen and tweed. Such suits have blended fabrics. The combo of polyester and cotton is used a lot.

So, these are the top six alternatives to cotton. You can contact clothes alteration service to get the tailor and the high-quality tailoring service that would give you suits within a few days. Tailors and shopkeepers show different fabrics and colours. They do what you will decide.