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Feminism in the field of dentistry

Female doctors are a blessing in disguise. There are many women who feel uncomfortable sharing their personal issues with the male doctors. A visit to a dentist can be quite uncomfortable if the patients have to keep the mouth open for a long time to wait for the dental services to complete. Therefore, there is a huge demand of female dentists in the market. With the availability of female dentist all ladies can easily visit the dentists without having to worry a lot about things. The dental chair can prove to be a puzzling and peculiar thing.

Female Dentists and Female Patients

The patients have to lie down with their mouth open and loads of numbing medicine pumped into their systems. Therefore, it is best to have a female dentist in attendance to let the female patients as ease. Otherwise, the whole trip feels like a big stressful situation. There are many women who are also scared of asking medical questions from male doctors. If the roles are reversed, same can be said for male doctors. It is nothing more than the question of human nature. However, this issue cannot be ignored or dismissed.

Therefore, most women prefer to visit the dental clinics where the head doctor or the assistant is a female doctor. There are many cases where the children are sacred a big man coming at them with scary looking tools. On the other hand, women are naturally thought of as a lesser danger and therefore children are also less likely to panic visiting a female doctor.


Having a lady dentist in Dubai is not very uncommon. As a matter of fact the dentists who want to attract more business to their clinic hire female dentists so that they do not lose their female client base to any other clinic. There have been instances where a clinic has reportedly lost its 50% client base when a female dentist left the job. The dentist green community in Dubai want to keep a healthy percentage of female dentists passes the exams every year and joins their clinics for house-job and internship. Scholarships and advice is given to the medical community to bring forth more female doctors and inspire a new generation of female doctors.