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Babies are the most amazing things that ever happen to a couple and all the mothers need a lot of care and so does the baby as soon as it is born. In the past, when there were less doctors that could assist in pregnancy, there were nannies and mid wives who used to make sure that the baby is born healthy and the moms are healthy as well. But in those days, there were a lot of incidents when either the women died or the baby died or both had to face different kind of problems throughout their lives. They didn’t studied, they just had the practice. You must be wondering how did they practice? Well, they simply used to see different women giving birth naturally and how animals coped and they experimented different things with women and the babies. But now there are gynecologist who are trained to face any kind of problems and if you have the courage to make a baby deliver and you don’t know where to start then this is the post you were looking for, because here we will tell you about how to become the best gynecologist in Dubai and the best dentist in Ajman:

  1. It is obvious that you have to complete your bachelors degree in medical while selecting the major in gynecology and when you graduate, you become the doctor of medicine.
  2. Then you have to practice a lot, at least you have to complete some more years as a house job. Here, you will be assisting doctors while you are in surgery and learning that if this happens then you must do this and that and you will learn how to handle different situations that appear all of a sudden.
  3. Then you have get yourself specialized by studying more and more for some years and during these years, you don’t have to do a house job all over again, you just have to practice during those years and you can also open a clinic as well.
  4. But before opening a clinic, you will have to get a license. This is the kind of license that will let you open a clinic and even a hospital if you have the investment but you still have to keep studying and it will feel like forever.