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When we talk about getting different treatments and different kinds of medicines, we have thousands of questions and did you know that in many parts of the world, people don’t go to the doctor because they think they are no good? You must be thinking that why they do so this is because they think the doctor will make extra expense for them and the doctor cannot know all and now you must be wondering that how they get well or who they ask to about the treatments and cures, then you will be shocked to hear that they visit the quacks and different old age people who say that they have seen different problems and they can treat the problem. Why do you think that this happens, well this happens because of the fact is that people don’t have a proper answer to anything an they feel shy in asking about the questions. So that is why from the day one, parents and teachers ask us to question as much as we can. And just like that people have different questions about PRP treatment in Dubai and vagina dryness as well. if you are about to get a PRP treatment and you have a lot of questions then you have landed at the right place because here, we will try to answer most of your questions and if your answer is not down there, you can always message us;

  1. The first thing that people ask that what is the meaning and what is the abbreviation of PRP treatment. First we would like to tell about the abbreviation, it means platelet-rich-plasma therapy and it is best that you should know that what it is. Well, in this therapy, you will be able getting some injections that will make sure to accelerate your blood and get the blood to use its own healing powers to treat the body from the inside.
  2. The second question that people ask that how effective is this treatment and does it actually work and the fact is that yes, it works like a pro and it is very effective and there is a continuous amount of research being done on this treatment to make it more effective in shorter period of time and if people who say that they get side effect, the experts are working on that as well.