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Leaving your country and going to another country is very difficult. You have to leave your friends, family and homes as well. You have spent your whole life there and that is why you have memories as well.

And leaving all that behind and knowing that you will never see them or when you see them, it will be too late. The sad part is when people save to leave their pets behind or their old parents. But they all can be called soon but it takes time and a lot of money.

The latest stats showed that every minute there is an application for migrate to Canada from Dubai. And that is because there are many benefits of going to Canada. No matter how bad your country has treated you, you will always get difficulty in adjusting in a new country. 

We always think that no matter how much a thing can have pros but there can be cons as well. and that is also why it ticked us to know are there any cons of living in Canada? And we asked around some Canada student visa from Dubai and they had to say a lot.

If you are thinking to move to Canada then we suggest that you read some facts as well because we know the panic you can get if you don’t know about the disadvantages of living in Canada so that you go in prepared, keep reading to know more;

Super Expensive Healthcare: even though Canada has the best health care system and that is why many people from different country come here to get their medical check up. But the issue is that it is expensive as heck. And not all can afford a good health care and if you revert to the govt health care system and you have an operation of your tooth, you have to wait for some months and you have to live with the tooth ache.

Canada is Expensive: some people say that Canada is cheap but it is the second largest country in the world and even it is developed but now the country wants to advance more and that is why there are way too many taxes and due to this, it becomes too much expensive as well.